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Straight & Spiral Bevels

Bevel gears, or angled tooth gears, are used to transfer energy between shafts. They can be placed perpendicularly together or at an angle. Bevel gears can control the torque while controlling the effect on the angular speed of the gear.

There are two types of beveled gear, the driver and the driven. The power is usually transmitted from the driver gear to the driven gear. Each has a different number of teeth to produce a mechanical advantage and affect the torque output. As a full-service spiral bevel gear manufacturing company, Circle Gear & Machine Co. has been providing a full array of high-quality gears using reverse engineering, detailed drawings, and our state-of-the-art fabricating and machining equipment for over 50 years.

Materials & Features

Bevel gears are usually sold in pairs, which can not be interchanged due to the specific construction of the teeth for load-bearing and mechanical torque. These bevel gears are available in the following materials:

  • Aluminum
  • Ductile Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Nylon
  • Plastic
  • Polycarbonates

Bevel gears are usually cone-shaped with the tip flattened. The spiral teeth that surround the outside of the gear are designed to create a specific load capacity and reduce the noise levels of the turning of the gears. The teeth can be straight, perpendicular to the bottom of the gear, or spiral-shaped, with a slow turning and slanted angle compared to the bottom.

The sizes of the driver gears and the driven gears might vary, although they are typically made with a 1:1 ratio between the two. Although the maximum diameter of the straight and spiral gears is 48 inches, they can be custom manufactured to order in any size up to that maximum for your particular project.

Circle Gear produces spiral bevel gearing developed from the Gleason™ system that includes standard-cut, hypoid, or zerol with a standard, lapped, or ground tooth finish. We offer AGMA Class 9 for cut/lapped teeth and AGMA Class 13 for ground tooth gears with a 30” maximum diameter.

Circle Gear also produces Straight Bevel gearing developed from the Gleason system with a standard or lapped finish. We offer cut/lapped gears ranging from 2-32 diametral pitch and diameters up to 32”.

Bevel Gears and Spiral Bevel Gear Capabilities

Straight Bevel Diameter: Max 32”

Spiral Bevel Diameter: Max 30”

Straight Bevel Diametral Pitch: Min 32DP / Max 2 DP

Spiral Bevel Diametral Pitch: Min 32 DP / Max 2 DP

Gear FInishing Methods: Cutting / Lapping / Grinding

Uses of Spiral Gears

Beveled gears can be found in the machinery and finished goods of a wide variety of industries. Some of these industries include:

  • Automotive. Drivetrains, winches, etc.
  • Heavy Equipment. Locomotives, drives for forklifts
  • Aviation. Helicopter transmissions, thrusters, etc.
  • Industrial equipment. Assembly line transmissions, drill gears

Bevel gears may be found in a variety of devices, including clocks, music boxes, and other objects that are commonly seen in the home or workplace. Bevel gears of a heavy-duty variety are utilized in a wide variety of motion-controlled equipment, including automobiles, forklifts, cranes, and many more. Gears are utilized by the aviation industry to manage both the input and output of their shafts, which allows for more precision in regulating speed and altitude. Even the process of packing equipment may benefit from the use of spiral bevel gears, which help to decrease strain and make the operation more fluid.

The gear must be appropriately placed so that it can be preserved. Additionally, routine maintenance should include a check of the gear’s teeth and the application of oil to ensure that the gears continue to turn smoothly. When operating near a bevel gear, caution is required since the energy transfer causes it to generate a significant quantity of heat.

Spiral Gears From Circle Gear and Machine Company

Circle Gear & Machine Co. has been manufacturing gears since 1951 and is a lead producer in the Chicago area market. Experts at Circle Gear have the knowledge base to produce your project from a detailed drawing or by reverse engineering a worn gear set. We guarantee each project is given personal attention and the service required to manufacture high-performance gears suitable for any application.

For your beveled gear needs, look no further than Circle Gear. With expert manufacturing and precision design, your project will be in great hands. Each gear is carefully designed with the appropriate teeth spacing, material, load, and torque output for your needs. Ready to contact Circle Gear and Manufacturing Company to get your order started? Get a quote from the experts now!

Bevel Gears and Spiral Bevel Gears Capabilties

Straight Bevel Diameter Max
48 Inch
Spiral Bevel Diameter Max
48 Inch
Straight Bevel Diametrical Pitch
32 DP
1.5 DP
Spiral Bevel Diametrical Pitch
32 DP
2 DP
General Capabilities As Needed
Small Parts
Primary Capabilities Machining
Heat Treating
Materials Acetal/Delrin
Alloy Steel
Carbon Steel
Ductile Iron
Gray Cast Iron
Stainless Steel
Industry Focus Automotive
Food Processing
Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning
Oil, Gas, Petroleum
Pulp & Paper
Shaft Feature Flat
Gear Forming Method Centrifugal Casting
Die Casting
Gear Finishing Methods Grinding
Heat Treatment Methods Carburizing
Production Volume Specialty Production Shop
Low Volume
Small Run
High Volume
Large Run
Long Run
Large Scale Production Volume Run